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We manufacture everything from simple versions of hydraulic cylinders to the most demanding cylinders that are part of complex high-tech hydraulic systems and thus require a high level of precision and quality. Based on 30 years of experience, we take care of the reliable movement of hydraulic devices with products that are characterized by superior design, a high level of safety and compliance with the ISO standard.

Our goal is that the hydraulic consumer converts the energy of the hydraulic medium into useful work as best as possible in all versions of hydraulic cylinders; double-sided, single-sided or telescopic, as well as their components.


Mapro is successful because of a simple and effective strategy

We are among the best manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in Europe with a long tradition and top experts. We follow the wishes of our customers consistently, as in our development and design department we offer clients the entire process, from design to implementation.

Welding certificate ISO 3834-2:2021

Our quality, precision and professionalism is also reflected in the welding certificate obtained.

Certifikat ISO 3834-2
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