Restore / repair hydraulic cylinders

We restore or repair hydraulic cylinders from various manufacturers.
We offer fast and responsive service with qualified employees and quality tools. Each cylinder that is restored / repaired can also be painted if desired.

Machine cutting/ CNC machining

Modern saws, namely two CNC saws, enable us to cut the ordered rods/pipes to length specified by the customer.
Our modern CNC vertical machining centre and CNC lathe assist us with the production of products to accommodate clients’ demands in a very short time. We offer the turning of workpieces with a maximum length of 6m and diameter of Ø 400mm.

TIG, MIG in MAG welding

With experience and modern technical equipment, we provide you with top-quality welding.
We weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum products with MIG / MAG and TIG technologies.
Modern welding machines
For all the various welding processes we offer, we have the appropriate, high-quality and durable appliances from renowned brands.
With the help of a Siegmund welding table, dedicated stencils and welding devices, we position and weld sheet metal parts or products from profiles and pipes into demanding shapes.
In addition to certified welders for manual welding, we use professional Carpano machines for orbital pipe welding, as well as for larger quantities of products and more demanding welding robot welding.
We also use  Lorch welding machines for welding.