If you want to make your own hydraulic cylinder, we are the right place for providing you with all of the components for hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinder components are essential for quality operation of a cylinder. Since we want our cylinder components to be manufactured to the highest quality, we use only the best materials that are treated by modern CNC machine tools.
We offer various chromium-plated piston rods/rods that are used for the production of hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders and guides. You can choose among dimensions from Ø 6mm to Ø 200mm and also in inches.

We offer them in various materials like: CK – 45, 42Crmo4, 20Mnv6, INOX, Nikrom, hardened steel and twice chromium-plated. The outer treatment of the piston rod is within the f7 tolerance. The thickness of the chromium coating is about 10 to 25 my (it depends on the piston rod diameter).

In more difficult working conditions (construction, mining, farming, forestry, etc.), we recommend induction hardening or twice chromium-plated rods. In extreme weather conditions, chromium-plated piston rods are used in the material INOX or Nikrom. Our piston rods comply with the highest standards, are made of quality materials and are also appropriately certified.
Cold drawn seamless pipes are made for the production of cylinders using the material ST – 52.3, BK+S, DIN 2391. The tolerance for the inner treatment is H8. We also offer pipes with an internal diameter from Ø 30mm to Ø 300mm.
Pipes are protected with a special oil against corrosion.

We have also cylinder heads, pistons, bottoms, rod ends, flanges and pivots in our offer.